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I requested my medical records from this office. They said it would be $43 to get them.

They sent the first time only EKG and lab reports. I advised I wanted my records. they said the records belong to the doctor. I said they belong to ME.

Under the HIPPA act, I am entitled to my records. (they made me sit in the waiting room for 1 1/2 hours with a 105 degree fever and misdiagnosed me). They FINALLY sent the records and charged me another $43 which was UNAUTHORIZED. I filed a complaint with the state of Michigan and nothing.

Never got my money back. This doctor drives a Jag and parks in the handicapped parking spaces at his office. Don't go to this doctor and expect your medical records for a small fee.

Greedy people!!!!

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Never once did Dr. Pierce come to our home and care for my husband.

Always sent a nurse practitioner by the name of Miemie that was old, and I believe in early stages of dementia. You can't leave a message for anyone at the office should you need anything. The mail box is always full. Well if you can't listen to your messages and empty them how can you run a good business.

And just now called there billing'll never guess....

no one answered and the mailbox is full so you can't leave a message or call back number. Go figure.


Obviously, the positive comments for this doctor are either family or people who work for him, however no one works for him for long. How do these people get away with such fraudulent practices.

Everybody needs to keep reporting him. Contact the Office of Inspector General; you can file a complain online...and they take every complaint seriously.


How relevant is the fact that he parks in a handicapped parking spot? Maybe he should be praised that even with a handicap, comes to work every day, instead of expecting a handover, right?

to Anan Imus #1407665

He is not handicapped so, your defense of him has no merit. I am a 50 yr old male and USE to have him as my doctor.

He was good, but he milked the *** out of my insurance by having me come in for repeat visits that were for nothing but a 2 minute conversation. After, I caught on to what was happening.

I told him to start calling with the info and do not waste my time. I quit seeing him a few years ago.


Docter pierce found what was wrong with me when other docters had missed it.dr.pierce is a great docter who has saved my life.thats what its all about.he did his job.

Belleville, Michigan, United States #703572

This man has no respect. Very rude and is a crook .

Do not use him ! He will rip you off !

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