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I requested my medical records from this office.They said it would be $43 to get them.

They sent the first time only EKG and lab reports. I advised I wanted my records. they said the records belong to the doctor. I said they belong to ME.

Under the HIPPA act, I am entitled to my records. (they made me sit in the waiting room for 1 1/2 hours with a 105 degree fever and misdiagnosed me). They FINALLY sent the records and charged me another $43 which was UNAUTHORIZED. I filed a complaint with the state of Michigan and nothing.

Never got my money back. This doctor drives a Jag and parks in the handicapped parking spaces at his office. Don't go to this doctor and expect your medical records for a small fee.

Greedy people!!!!


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How relevant is the fact that he parks in a handicapped parking spot? Maybe he should be praised that even with a handicap, comes to work every day, instead of expecting a handover, right?


Docter pierce found what was wrong with me when other docters had missed it.dr.pierce is a great docter who has saved my life.thats what its all about.he did his job.

Belleville, Michigan, United States #703572

This man has no respect.Very rude and is a crook .

Do not use him !He will rip you off !

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